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  • Location: Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

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Hey Guyz welcome to our escorts agency. Hi i am kumar and i run an escort agency since 2006 and i want about 1500 male from all over india accross all big cities and i assure you that i can give you a better platform to your life by joining our escorts agency so give me a call/sms to join on 09509640755 or mail us at (malehirejob at yahoo dot com) and the first things if you are in favour to join this agency and willing to serve anything required by our customers, you can mail your recent photograph which shows passion and one of the sexiest photo but plz give your acctual photo bcoz we dont want our customer undergoes any fraud and give your personal numbers(only personal) and with some contacts such as mail addressess, etc and send this all to us by mail.your contacts should be kept private.

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We are a bunch of fun loving people and we place great
emphasis on meeting the clients? needs to the fullest
satisfaction. We are looking for individuals who are service
oriented, eager to please and have a great personality. You
should also have a gorgeous looking face and a nice body to
match.For those who are interested, please include your
personal statistics together with your face and body photo
send it to email malehirejob{at}

call 09509640755 for more details kumar karthik

call 9509640755 for more details kumar karthik


Male Escort is the Most Comprehensive Escort Agency in India.Our Goal is to Guarantee our clients the highest level of attention that is possible in order to our guys their individual requests.We provide you many varieties of guys like Indian Models,Foreginers and highly decent guys and well mannered fully professionals.

As per your choice we can give customized male escort who can meet your expectations.We are in this Industry from last two years and not single complaint from our customers,everyone is satisfied who took our service.

Most Importantly we can understand your feelings and privacy things and we will be very confidential in this so you need not to hesitate and you can clarify yours all doubts on phone before take service,you can fully trust on us.

Our Call boys And Play Boys are available for one night stay,Bachelors Party, and Long day tours at high rates


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